Les Etudiants Internationaux

Vous êtes à l’extérieur du Burkina Faso et vous souhaitez suivre la formation.

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Témoignages des étudiants internationaux

Being Part of a community is the wish of everyone here on Earth. But being a worldwide family member is happiness.

The journey at BDC has been a particular step of my life and an unforgettable piligrimage as an Entrepreneur because deep were the concepts, helpful were the facilitators, instructive were the lessons and molded were the training because I have been molded from a job seeker to a business Creator with Christian values from the heart. I will never be thankful enough for these moments. Yes we might have different nationalities but We are all in this together, One People : BDC Family, One language : Business Creator , One Color & One Identity : BDC Entrepreneur…:


Kayembe Daniel Makabu, DRC